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The separate answer of John Labby to the bill of Complaint exhibited against him, and Pleasant Labby in the Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, by John H Smith. This respondent saving to himself all just, and proper exceptions to the plaintiff's said Bill, for answer thereto saith: That some time in the month of September 1818 as well as this respondent recollects, the plaintiff proposed to exchange a negro woman of his for the Slave Squire in the bill mentioned. This respondent to whom the said slave Squire belonged individually, being unable from bodily infirmity to transact business out of doors with any sort of convenience, requested the other defendant Pleasant Labby to see the plaintiff's woman, and authorized him to make an exchange upon such terms as he might consider advantageous, and proper. An exchange was afterwards agreed on between the plaintiff and the said Pleasant Labby, by which the plaintiff agreed to give two Hundred Dollars to boot between his woman, and the slave Squire, and in pursuance of said contract the slaves were mutually delivered by the parties, and the plaintiff gave his note for the two Hundred Dollars, payable in sixty, or ninety days, which he afterwards paid off. This respondent at the time of the said contract had only been in possession of the slave Squire for a few days, say eight, or ten, having but just purchased him of one Ambrose Hansard. This respondent at the time of said exchange did not warrant