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The separate answer of Pleasant Labby to the bill of Complaint exhibited against him, and a certain John Labby in the Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, by a certain John H Smith. This respondent saving to himself the benefit of all just, and proper exceptions to the plaintiff's said bill, for answer thereto saith: That he had not at the time of the plaintiff's purchase of the negro man slave Squire as stated in his Bill, nor has he now, any interest whatsoever in the transaction which forms the subject of the present controversy. The said Slave Squire at the date of the plaintiff's purchase of him, was the individual property of the other defendant John Labby, and the part taken by this respondent in the sale of the said slave to the plaintiff, was merely in the character of agent for the other defendant, who is the Brother of this respondent, and who at the time of said sale was in a state of great bodily infirmity, which confined him almost entirely to the House. Disclaiming therefore all kind of interest whatsoever in the matters in Controversy in this Cause, this respondent begs leave to submit the following answer to the material charges set forth in the plaintiffs bill. That as the agent of the other defendant, and at the solicitation of the plaintiff he consented to, and did exchange with the said plaintiff the slave Squire for a negro woman slave the property of the plaintiff, named Peggy, upon the plaintiff's agreeing to pay the sum of two Hundred Dollars by way of boot, and as the difference in value between the two slaves, which contract was made sometime in the month of September 1818 as well as this respondent recollects. In pursuance of said contract the said Slaves were mutually delivered to each other by the parties, and the plaintiff executed his note for the two Hundred dollars payable in sixty, or ninety days, which