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the other defendant, nor does he consider himself at all interested in the event of this suit. This respondent denies most positively having been guilty of any fraud, deceit, contrivance, or misrepresentations in making he exchange of slaves with the plaintiff aforesaid. This respondent cannot with certainty say what was the age of the said slave Squire at the time of the exchange aforesaid, but supposes he was about forty, or forty five years of age. Neither does this respondent know certainly when or of what disease said slave Squire died. From what he has heard he supposes he died about four or five months after the exchange aforesaid, and that he died suddenly on the river between Lynchburg, and Richmond on board of a boat. Having thus fully answered, this respondent prays to be hence dismissed with his Costs &c. Pleasant Labby Corporation of Lynchburg to wit, Pleasant Labby the respondent in the foregoing answer in Chancery this day personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace for the Corporation aforesaid & made oath that the matters set forth in said answer are true to the best of his knowledge & belief. Given under my Hand this 9th day of October 1820. A Robertson (95) Smith vs Labby } answer of Pleasant Labby Octo R. 1820 answers filed & Gen rep & Com Ap R 1821 set for hearing filed 9th October 1820 1095 words