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To the honorable Creed Taylor Judge of the Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District. The bill of Complaint of William Dickinson Senr and William Dickinson Jnr humbly represents That some years ago Christopher Clark hereinafter called a defendant obtained from the County Court of Bedford an injunction to stay proceedings upon a Judgement at Law of said Court in the name of Jesse Irvine assignee of Isaac Skillman upon a bond executed by Clark to Skillman for the purchase money of a Slave, which more at large may appear from the bill and answers of the defendants hereto annexed and prayed to be taken and considered a part of this bill. To the injunction bond the first named plaintiff became the security of the said Clark, to whom was left the entire management of the cause, the said plaintiff being no further a party thereto than is above stated. The Court of Bedford at the [blank] term thereof made a rule upon the plaintiff to give additional security, and in the event of his failing to do so on or before a given day the Court dissolved the injunction as an act of the day on which the rule was given, under which rule the injunction was dissolved for want of additional security, of which proceeding the plaintiff was entirely ignorant until long after the dissolution of the said injunction. A suit was afterward instituted in the Superior Court of Law for the County of Bedford upon the injunction bond, and at the [blank] term of said Court a Judgement was obtained against the first named plaintiff for a price, which with Interest & costs amounts to upwards of six hundred Dollars, upon which Judgement on execution have paid out against the first named plaintiff, who hath been compelled to give a forthcoming bond with the other plaintiff as his security. The first named plaintiff states to the Court that when he became security in the injunction bond, he was satisfied from the representations of the said Clark that he had an equitable defence to the