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[left side of page] The deposition of Frederick W Isbell of lawful age taken as the same time & place ofthe foregoing deposition Wm Jones and to be read in the same case. The deponant being first duly sworn deposeth & saith. Quetston by the Pltffs. Please state if you know the negro man Edmund bought by Wm J Isbell from Seth Halsey (the subject matter is this controversy) from the day of this purchase till his death. If so state whether or not the negro was sound at the time of the purchase - what labour he performed whilst in Wm J Isbells possession - whether or not he was kindly & humanly treated before he died and what you considered his value. Answer. I lived with my father at the time of the purchase, and knew the negro man Edmund from the time of the purchase, to the day of his death, the negro did not appear to be sound, at the tie of the purchase, he [went?] up the river to the plantation about nine miles by water in my fathers boat - the head man staid away longer than common, in consequence of Eduond doing no labour from the time the boat started untill its return.