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The deposition of Edward Haley of lawful age taken pursuant to notice (continued over for that purpose on yesterday) at the Washington Hotel in Lynchburg between the hours of 11 and twelve oclock on Tuesday the 31st of March 1835 to be read on the trial of an injunction now depending and undetermined in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the County of Amherst in which William J Isbell [illegible] are pltffs and Seth Halsey and Elisha Peters are defendants. The deponent being first duly sworn deposeth and saith. Question by the Pltff's. State whether or not you were Superintendent in the Coopers shop of Wm J Isbell at the time of his purchase of the negro man Edmund from the deft Seth Halsey and about whom this controversy is now depending. If so say all you may know in relation to the health of said negro at the time of the purchase the manner in which he was affected - the services rendered by him to the pltff - his value and the time of his death - and whether or not his death proceeded from an old disease permanent in its nature & fixed upon him before the purchases. Answer. I was in the employ of Mr Isbell, working in his coopers shop - when he purchased the negro man Edmund of Mr Peters or Horsley - and the same day the purchase was made the Negro Edmund was sent to the coopers shop to work - he was put to hold hoop poles over the fire - he was continually sleeping - or nodding so much so, that he nearly fell in to the fire. I asked him what was the matter with him, why he done so - the negro observed that he was incapable of doing anything, he was sick and it came upon him by their giving him medicine, and pushing him through bad weather - rains, &c - that the negro complain'd of being sick in the Belly, and heart. Edmund was continually sleeping, and did not