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[left side of page] render any services, as well as my memories now serves. The negro continued at the shop about a week. I told Mr Isbell to take him away from the shop - he done so - carried Edmund to his house, where he continued until he died, without rendering any service. I did not consider Edmund of any value at all and believe from his appearance he died from [illegible] & old diseases and in truth the negro was nothing but an expense from the date of the purchase until his death. I am no phisian therefore cannot describe his disease minutely, but the fact is he could have died from any others but [illegible] complaints. The Defendants by their Counsel excepts to so much of the above answer, as embraces the Statement of the negro Edmund made to the Witness, as [alleged?] and inadmissible. Question by Defendants. State what you think was the disease under which Edmund laboured - was it [scropula?] - was medical aid called in, and if so to what extent. Do you now live with the Plaintiff Wm. J. Isbell and are you in his employment? Answer. I do not know what his disease was. I am no doctor. I don't know whether there was any phycians cal'd to him or not. I was not at this time in his employment, but I am [illegible] in one of his houses. Question by Same. State whether or not you think it probable a Physician could have been called by Isbell to attend Edmund during his illness without your knowing it? Answer. I do not know. I [illegible] upon the [illegible] in [illegible] & Isbell in Amherst [right side of page] And further this depenent saith not. [signed] Edward Haley Campbell County to wit. The forgoing deposition of Edward Haley was taken subscribed and sworn to before me as Justice of the peace in and for said County at the time and place mentioned in the Caption. Given under my hand this31st March 1835 [signed] James Bullocks