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The deposition of William Jones of lawfull age taken agreeable to Notice at the Washington Hotel in the Town of Lynchburg on the29 August 1835 to be read as evidence in the trial of an injunction now depending in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Amherst wherein William J Isbell & others are Plaintiffs and Seth Halsy and Elijah Peters are the defendants - being first duly sworn deposeth & saith Question by the Pltffs. Did you know the negro man Edmund bought by Isbell of Seth Halsey & the subject matter of this controversy. If so state whether or not you considered him healthy and his value. Answer. I saw the negroe, as he passed my house as I suppose to Isbells house. I inquired whose negro he was, I was told it was one Capt Isbell had purchased, from whom purchased I did not understand. The negro walked like he was diseased, bent, and decrepit, to all appearance. I mentioned that I would not have the negroe. I was then of the opinion and am now of the same opinion that I would not have had him as a gift. Question by Defendant Peters. Was you acquainted with the negro man Edmond whilst he was with possession of Mr Haley and do you know that he was in any way diseased. Answer. I was not. I know nothing of the negro whilst he was in Mr Haley's possession and further this deponent saith not. William Jones