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                                                                                                      Isbell vs Peters

Halsey as the agent of Peters sold a negro man slave [Bom] to Isbell on the 2 January 1833 for $300 payable 1 January 1834- The slave was badly knock kneed. The sum agreed to be given considering this visible defect is conceded to be a fair [ & socend] price- Immediately after the sale Halsey [apigned] the note to Peters without recourse. After it fell owe Peter commenced suit +prosecated it to a judgement and Isbell applied for and obtained an injunction, alledging in his bill - That he purchased the slave for a full + fair price- That he was induced to purchase by the false representation of [socendny] on the part of Halsey- That the slave was [iemocend] at the date of the purchase, laboring under a [lalerl] disease of which he shortly died- That he was altogether [valueble] . That this [unrocend] was known to Halsey and by him [gau] overtly concealed- That he acted as the concealed agent of Peters for the purpose of the letter purpetrating the fraud.