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would go and get his Buggy and convey them home. This respondent remarked to him, that the negro's were his, and he would take them as soon as he pleased, and the sooner the better, for he doubted whether if the woman understood certainly that she was sold, she would not run off but that he would prevent her doing so, if he saw her attempt it, if he could in the course of that [illegible] the woman took her child with her, and went off as this respondent afterwards understood to old Mrs Alexander the mother of the partner aforesaid Hunter, where she had been raised, the said Hunter came back as this respondent was informed in the course of the evening for sid Negro's and found them gone, but this resondent was absent from home and did not see him that evening. The next day after the contract aforesaid, the said Hunter came to this resondent and informed him that the negro woman and her child had gone to Mrs Alexanders and had there had a fit, in consequence of which he could not then take her below, and sell her to advantage, which was one great object with him in purchasing, and thus he would be without the money he expected to get by the sale of said slaves, as well as the money