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such further relief as to this Court may seem good to grant

Carrington & al

vs Coles & al } Bill Chy. Halifax

No. 2. Carrington & al

vs Coles adm. & al } Bill

1814 Aug't Rules.

Bill filed - ansr.

P. Carrington and wife filed

- Gen S:  rep't: and Com'r - & time for the other deft. to ans'r. 

Sept. Ps time L. the other defts to ansr & cont'd P depo's Octo. P. time P: Coles & Bruce to ans'r. - and Cont'd P. depo'n. Nov: Jas Bruce, the elder, appl'd Spa. Gudn: of the deft: Jas Bruse & pwr: of Sub: aw'd. Removed to Chy district Court of Lynchbg. 1814 Nov. rules Bill taken for Confs'd. as to Coles &c & Cont'd P depo's Dec'r. Cont'd. P Depo's. 1815 Jany. - Same Feby. Set for hear'g as to Carrinton & Wife. Mch: time P. Bruce to ans'r. Apl. P. time P: Bruce to ans'r. May - ans'r. Bruce filed Gen'l.rept & Set for hear'g. Sept. Court Ans'r. Coles 's' adm. filed & offer Rule set aside

 "  Rules - Gurd [illegible] & set for hear'g.