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The Answer of Paul Carrington Jr and of Mildred Howell Carrington his wife to a bill exhibited in the County Court of Halifax by their sons Edward Carrington, Walter Coles Carrington, William A, and Paul S. with their own Consent answer and say that the facts stated in the bill are true to the best of their knowledge. That they submit the case to the consideration and decree of the Court. That as to the two Carpenters Dublin and Ben, the household and kitchen furniture, the library, grain, the plantation utensils, and tools of the tradesmen, wagons, Carts and gear, and stores whatever there may be except dead victuals and liquors laid in for the use of the family, the Respondents doubt whether these articles are comprehended in the terms of the will of the decedent and liable to distribution. But it is to be understood, that the claim of James Bruce the younger to a share of any part of the property which shall appear to be undisposed of,