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Bruce were the sisters of the said Isaac H Coles. The said Administrator has sufficient assets in his hands to satisfy the pecuniary legacies in the sd will bequeathed, and all the debts of the Testator; and the Complainants have no objection that he should pay and satisfy the same, except the legacy of five hundred pounds to Mildred Bruce who died on the [blank] day of [blank] in the year [blank] in the life of the Testator an Infant of tender years, and leaving no descendant. The said Administrator in compliance with the will has already delivered up to those Complainants and to the other Legatees of the Testator, the specified property to them severally bequeathed, except certain articles of property which will be herein more fully described, and which he withholds, and refuses to deliver for reasons which are set forth in this bill - He refuses to deliver to the Complainant Edward the following slaves Lewis, London, Sarah, Molly, Baswel, Eliza, Agnes, Glascow, Harriet, Sam, Preston, & Peter, alledging that altho they were resident on the Testators Dan River estate, they were house servants, Hostlers, and gardners, - He also refuses to deliver to the Complainant Edward Carrington, a slave called Dublin, alledging that he was a Blacksmith, altho the said slave was resident on the said Estate, and when not employed in his shop, worked in the crop there under an overseer. He also refuses to deliver to the said Complainant a slave named Isaac alledging that he was a waggoner commonly on the road carrying the crops of that estate to Market, and occasionally employed in haling the crops of the other plantations to Richmond, altho he was resident on the Dan River Estate, had a wife there, kept his stable there for his team of horses, and when not engaged on the road, worked there with his waggon, and team under the order of the overseer. Also the following Carpenters John, Frank, Dublin, and Ben he refuses to deliver, altho working on the Dan River Estate, and John and Frank were fixed Residents there; Dublin and Ben had no fixed place of residence as far as these complainants know; but Ben had a wife at bub creek, and Dublin a wife at Mildendo the place of the Testator's residence at the time of publishing his will where they respectively stayed, when not engaged in Carpenters work at Dan River or on some other of the plantations - Also he refuses to deliver Moses to Edward Carrington, altho, for about four months before the death of the Testator, the said salve Moses had been taken by the Testator from Mildendo his former fixed residence to the Dan River estate with a view of continuing him there in future as a striker to a Blacksmith, or as an assistant to his Carpenter at that place. Also he refuses to deliver Aaron a shoe-maker, alledging that between the publication of the will, and the death of the Testator, he had been removed from the Dan River estate to which he belonged, and placed with a shoe-maker in Danville for instruction. He also refuses to de-