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4) their tender years of working on the land, and this respondent not conceiving that list to comprehend all the slaves of this character begs leave to refer to a list marked B. made out from the administrator's inventory of the slaves upon the Dan River estate and filed as part of this answer. This respondent also begs leave to refer to another list marked C which describes other slaves that were not employed as he is informed in working the lands and therefore not comprehended in the bequest to the said Edward. The bequest to Walter C. Carrington this respondent is advised stands upon the same foundation with that to Edward and does not comprehend slaves of tender years or spinners or such of any description as were not employed in cultivating the land, and this respondent not conceiving that the list marked B as mentioned in said Bill of complaint contains all the slaves on the Buckskin tract of land not disposed of by said will he has filed as part hereof a listed marked D taken from the inventory of the administrator. As to the claim of William A Carrington to the slaves Cain a wagoner and Jack a carpenter