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6) [e]qual moieties to the said Mildred H Carrington and the said infant defendant James C. Bruce, this respondent therefore prays that the court decree an equal division of this tract of land between said Mildred H. Carrington and said infant defendant. And this respondent further answering states that the Ferry tract of land adjoining what is called the Home house tract had before the making & publishing of said will been sold by the testator to Isaac Coles, Jr. and was at that time in the possession of the latter and was long afterwards repurchased by the former, this respondent therefore submits to the court whether this tract of land was disposed of by the will or whether a moiety thereof hath not descended upon said infant defendant. This respondent is advised that the testators library the whole of his household and kitchen furniture his plantation tools and utensils, his provisions of ever description, his crops of tobacco, debts &c and his wagons and wagon horses usually employed in transporting his produce to market are not disposed of by his will, that none of said complainants are entitled to any part thereof, but that the same are liable to distribution between said Mildred H Carrington & said infant defendant This respondent believes that all the slaves not

(7) disposed of by the will are in the possession of the complainants and is of opinion that an account of their hires and profit ought to be taken and a moiety thereof decreed to said infant defendant; And this respondent humbly hopes that whatever rights or interests the said infant defendant may have in the real or personal estate of the testator will be protected and saved to him by the court. This respondent begs leave to state that between the Periods at which the Will was written and the Testators death Mrs. Carrington the Mother of the Complainants has had a child named Isaac Coles, and which child is still alive. This Respondent having fully answered prays to be hence dismissed with his Costs &c. Halifax County to wit James Bruce came before me and made oath on the holy Evangelist that the above answer as far as it relates to his own knowledge is true and as far as it relates to the knowledge of others he believes is true. Given from under my hand this 25th 1815

William Terry