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2) As to the bequest of slaves to Edward Carrington this respondent is advised that it will comprehend none but such as had a fixed residence upon the Dan River estate and were engaged in agricultural employment; this respondent was not acquainted with many of the testator's slaves but always understood from him that he had many who were not put under overseers or generally employed in cultivating his land, and of this class he believes are the following mentioned in the complainant's Bill: Lewis a man house servant London a Hostler and Gardiner Sarah a Cook, Molley a house woman and spinner Barwell a houseboy nine years old Elijah a houseboy seven years old, Agness twelve years old Glasgow a hostler and gardener, Sam nine years old, Harriott a housewoman Preston a house boy fifteen years old, Peter a body servant and occasionally hostler, Dublin a Blacksmith, this respondent believes that Isaac a wagoner mentioned in said Bill of complaint was with little exception employed in conveying tobacco to market from all the testator's plantations as well as from the Dan River estate; the carpenters John, Frank, Dublin and Ben mentioned in said Bill of complaint this (3) respondent conceives cannot pass by said will to Edward Carrington because as this respondent understands they were never put under the superintendence of an overseer, but were kept exclusively under the personal direction of the testator for the purpose chiefly of performing carpenter's work on all his estates though residing most commonly on the Dan River estate where he himself resided for some time before his death; Moses whether employed as an assistant to the carpenters was a striker to the Blacksmith this respondent is advised will not pass by said will; this respondent conceives that Aaron does not pass to said Edward by said will, because as this respondent has been informed the said testator several years before he death bound said slaves to [blank] Nobles boot and shoe maker residing at Danville in the county of Pittsylvania in whose possession said slave remains to this time; the slaves whose names are contained in the list marked A referred to in said Bill of complaint do not as this respondent is advised pass by said will because although resident upon the Dan River estate yet they were incapable from