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Halifax Clerks office P. Whereas heretofore to wit: On the 11th day of June 1814, There issued from the Clerks Office of the said County Court, The Commonwealth's Writ of Deed: in Chancery, which together with the Shffs. ret: thereon cr devised, and the acknowledgement of service by the Deft: Paul Carrington jr for himself & wife is in the Words & figures following (to wit:) "The &" Afterwards (to wit: At Rules holden in the Clerks Office of C in the month of Aug't in the year last ment'd - Came the pltts: by their Counsel - filed their bill agt the sd. defts: which bill is in the words & figures following to wit: "to &c" and therefore the Defts. Paul Carrington jr and Mildred Howell Carrington his wife, filed their answer to sd. bill - which ans'r is in these wds & figures following to wit: "The &c" and the pltffs: having replyed generally to sd. ans'r. - Commissioners were awarded the pltfs: ansr Defts: Paul Carringon jr & wife to examine and take the Depos of their witnesses respectively - and time as again the other deft til the next Rules - to ans'r bill. Afterwards (to wit: At Rules holden in the Clerks Office up c - in the month's for Sep'r & Octo: in the year last ment'd. - further time wa given the Defts: Coles and Bruce to ans'r sd. bill - & this Cause Cont'd for the taking & filing depositions Afterwards to wit: at a Court holden for the County afs'd. in the month of November, in the year last ment.'d James Bruce, the Admr, was appt'd. Gudn, ad litem, of the infant deft: James Bruce & therefore process of Sub: was awarded, To wit: to the 1st day of the next term. Afterwards (to wit: at Rules holden in the Clerks Office afr'd in the month of Nov: last ment'd the Deft. Coles, not appear'g to ansr. sd bill the same is taken for confessed as to him - & the case