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The affidavit of Hezekiah Ellington taken at The store of John Queasburg in Prince Edward County this 19th day of may 1810 this [deponant?] being of Lawfull age and first [illegible] agreable to Law Saith. That some years Past he was at this place and Therew was a negroe fellow offerd for sale by one James Hurt which said negroe was [cryed?] out upon Stephen Dejarnett and the said Hunt inform'd this [deponath?] that The said negroe was 45 years of age, Qustion the 1st by Stephen Dejarnett Did he the said Hunt not inform you that he was a sound well negro Answer yes Qustion the 2 by Richard Jeffress di you conceive It to be a fair sale Answer I Did Question the 3d by Richard Jeffress did you think he Sold fore more than his Value Answer I did Question the 4th by Stephen Dejarnath do you know anything of the carracator of the negroe. Answer No Question the 5th by Richard Jeffress was he warranted in In any way whatever Answer Not as I recollect Question the 6th by R. Jeffress did Hunt warrant his age to be only 45 answer not as I recollect