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The affidavit of Stephen [Dupfuy?] taken at John Queasburys the 19th day of May 1810 by the consent of The parties to be read as evidence in a suit now [Depending?] & undetermind in the court of Prince Edward between Stephen Dejarnett [illegible] Richard Jeffress Defendant Question 1st By Richard Jeffress do you know anything of a negroe man, Bob, which was sold to James Hurt to Stephen Dejarnett Answer yes Question 2 By Richard Jeffress do you think he was worth the money which He sold for Answer Yes If he was a well Sound negroe and Possessing a good carracttor Question 3 by Stephen Dejarnett did you not advise me to dispence with him As he was a negroe represented to you to be under a bad carracttor Answer Yes Question 4th by R Jeffress are ye a near Neighbor to Stephen Dejarnett Answer Yes Question 5th by R. Jeffress do you know any think bad of the negroe answer No Question 6th by R. Jeffress did you ever hear Dejarnatt complain before the suite was [inst??ed] Answer Yes several times Question 7th by Richard Jeffress do you not think that if the negroe had been hired