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said slaves out of the state of Virginia without authority or consent, for the sum of $500 that the said Elizabeth hath sold and otherwise diminished the stock &c and your orator hath cause to fear, and does fear, that she will commit similar acts prejudicial to his rights, and that the said Elizabeth having no estate that affords your orator adequate security, your orator has no relief save in a court of Equity - where such matters are properly cognizable and relievable to the end therefore that the said Elizabeth Harrison, James P Balderson, and Elizabeth Balderson, who was Elizabeth Hardwick, an unmarried daughter of Aaron Hardwick, Ann Self, daughter of Judy, who was daughter of Willoughby Harrison, Elizabeth Harrison, Sally Harrison, & Jane Harrison - the three last children of Polly Harrison, one of the unmarried daughters of Willoughby Harrison and Rucksey Harrison - an unmarried daughter of W Harrison may be made defendants to this bill, and that the said Elizabeth Harrison may answer the above allegations upon oath, that the said defendants may be be restrained from selling or otherwise disposing of said property; then held by said Elizabeth for her life or widowhood, and that upon failure to give satisfactory security for the forthcoming of said property at her death that the same be committed to the hands of a receiver of the court; that an account may taken of the value of the property, thus bequeathed already disposed of by the said Elizabeth or otherwise injured or destroyed and that your honor may grant your orator such further or other relief as to your honor shall deem meet May it please your honor to grant your orator the Comth's writ &c . Critcher p.q. Westmoreland to wit This day personally appeared before me a justice of the peace for said county Rodham Douglass and made oath that the allegations in the above bill are true to the best of his knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this the 15th March 1840. Benedict Walker JP. To the Clerk of the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the County of Westmoreland. An injunction is awarded to restrain the defendant Elizabeth Harrison and all others from selling or & otherwise disposing of the property in the bill mentioned held by her for her life under the will of Daniel Harrison deceased in any manner whatsoever whereby the rights and interest of those entitled in expectancy to the same property at her death may be injured or defeated - or their enjoyment thereof of her death may in any wise be prevented or affected. But before this injunction shall take effect the usual injunction must be given by the plaintiffs in the penalty of $50. Jno Tayloe Lomax March 17th 1848