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The separate answer of Elizabeth Harrison to a bill of complaint exhibited against her and others by Rodham Douglass in the Circuit Sup. Court of Law and Chy for the County of Westmoreland. This respondent in the first place objects that Ellen the wife of the said pltff has not been made a party pltff in the said bill, and for that cause she begs leave to raise and tender herein a demurrer to said bill of complaint and to pray the same benefit therefrom as if pleaded in the most formal manner. And this respondent not waiving said demurrer, but insisting on the fullest benefit therefrom and reserving all other exceptions to said bill for answer thereto as to so much thereof as she is advised it is material for her to answer unto answers and says, it is true that her husband Daniel Harrison died about the year 1826 that Exhibit A. filed with the said bill is a Copy of his will and that she is the life-tenant of the property devised and bequeathed in said will, But she wholly denies that she that she has sold out of the State any of the negroes, bequeathed to her for life by said will. About 18 or 20 years ago one of the said negroes (a woman) became totally deranged. She kept her as long as she could and used every effort for her recovery. In keeping her confined and in the way of medical services and attendance, she incurred a great deal of trouble and expense. This respondent finding that in her widowed and helpless condition it was impossible for her to take care of this woman, proposed to the pltff himself to take and do the best he could with her. This he declined. This respondent then sold