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Douglass &c v Harrison } This cause coming on again to be heard on the papers formerly read, & it is appearing that the decree pronounced in the cause at October term of this court in 1851 has been duly served on the defendant Harrison & that she hath failed to execute the bond with approved security as required in said decree, it is adjudged ordered and decreed, that the said defendant Harrison do execute on or before the first day of January next a bond in the penalty of one hundred dollars conditioned as required in first decree entered in this cause payable at the death of said defendant Harrison; and if the said bond be not executed & delivered to the shff of Westmoreland County, then the said Shff is directed and ordered to take in his own possession so much of the property held for life by said Harrison as shall suffice for the purpose of securing one hundred dollars and hire out the same till the sum of one hundred dollars payable at said Harrison's death, shall be raised; And the sheriff to carry this decree into effect is authorized to hire out any one or more of the said negroes, if he deem it advantageous to the defendant, for so long a time as will enable him to raise the said sum of one hundred payable at said Harrison's death, & the said Shff shall take bond with approved security in carrying this decree into affect.