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To the honble John Tayloe Lomax, judge of the Circuit Court for Westmoreland County, Humbly complaining shew unto your orater your oraters Rodham Douglass and Ellen Douglass wife of the said Rodham, that in 1826, a certain Daniel Harrison, of the county of Westmoreland, departed this life, leaving Elizabeth Harrison, his widow him surviving: that the said Daniel by his last will, herewith exhibited (marked A) as part of this bill, desired, that, after the payment of his just debts, his wife, the said Elizabeth, should have the use of all his property both real & personal during her natural life or widowhood, the said Elizabeth paying particular attention that no waste in any wise be committed of said property, that the said testater devised to Dan'l. Carson Harrison after the death or marriage of the said Elizabeth, all his land lying in the County of Westmoreland &c and finally among the other devises & bequests in the said will, the testator devised and bequeathed all the rest of his estate of what nature or kind soever it might be not before particularly dispence of after the death or marriage of the said Elizabeth to the unmarried daughters of Aaron Hardwick and the unmarried daughters of Willoughby Harrison. And your orator further shews, that he in 1828 intermarried with the said Oratrix Ellen Hardwick, now Ellen Douglass, one of the daughters of the said Aaron Hardwick, that was unmarried at the death of said Dan'l. Harrison, and your orators further shew that the estate both real & personal of the said Daniel Harrison has been for many years in the possession and under the control and management of the said Elizabeth in pursuance of the provisions of the will of her dec'd. husband; that the said Elizabeth still retains and enjoys the said property consisting of slaves &c, of the value of $1200 to $1500, that she hath sold one of the salves out of the state of Virg'a. without authority or consent for the sum of $100 - & hath sold and otherwise diminished the stock, &c, And your orators have cause to fear and do fear, that she will commit similar acts prejudicial