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Virginia: At a Circuit Superior Court of law and chancery continued and held for Westmoreland county on the 20th day of April 1850. Rodham Douglass Complt against Elizabeth Harrison & others Defts } In Chancery This Cause coming on to be heard on the bill of the Complt. the answer of the defendant Elizabeth Harrison & the depositions of witnesses, was argued by Counsel upon Consideration whereof leave is granted to the plaintiffs to file an amended bill for the purpose of making his wife a party to the suit, and the Court doth adjudge, Order and decree, that the defendant Elizabeth Harrison shall within sixty days after being served with a copy of this order enter into bond with good personal security in the penalty of two hundred dollars payable to the legatees in remainder of the slaves bequeathed for life to the said Elizabeth by her deceased husband, conditioned for the payment at her death to them, of one hundred dollars the price of the slave Ellen which was sold by her, and in case she shall fail to execute such bond, the Court doth adjudge, Order and decree that the Complt may apply to this Court for such further order in this Cause as may be necessary to secure to the said legatees in remainder their forthcoming interest in the said price of the slave that was sold. A Copy Teste, J. Warren Hutt D.C. The Sheriff will execute this by delivery of a copy.