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The mother taken [illegible] to before me this day and date first [illegible] David Saunders. The applicant of Stephen Mitchell of Lawful age taken at the house

of William Stephens agreeable to notice on the 10th of July 1814 In a [illegible]  in Chancery in the County Court of [illegible] in arhich  Elijah Wicks in Peff and Samuel Mitchell. [illegible] meller Thomas Crenhut are defendants after being [illegible] [illegible] ; That he next call about three years ago by one aged him to cure him of the Venerial Disease which the states that he had went through a Cause of [illegible]  under Dr. Thomas Mitchell before he had made affication to me, I think he has been very bad [illegible] the disease but [illegible] [illegible] he has it on him. I can't say l but at appease to have grown to a confirm [illegible] [illegible] by the Plaintiff. Have you reason to beleive that may: Samuel Mitchell is unfair in his dealsings [illegible] known ailments for smiths [illegible] Major Mitchell selled with me fairly, but in some other transactions he has not acted fairly in my [opinion?] [illegible] by the same.  Have you and reason to beleive that