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To the Judge of the Chancery Court for the Lynch'g district Your orator and oratrix James Veach & Judith his wife formerly Judith Brown free persons of colour now residing in the state of Ohio complaining sheweth top the court that you oratrix is the natural daughter of John Brown decd formerly of Lynch'g who departed this life about the year 1802- That Wm Brown decd also of Lynchburg a brother of said John departed this life at the burning of the Theater in Richmond in the year 1811 having first made and duly published his last will & testament, appointing the late Judge Dabney Archibald Robertson and his nephew William Black his Executors That said will was admitted to record in the county court of Henrico and the said executors all qualified and took upon themselves the burden of the administration as may appear by a copy of the said will certificate of administration [&?] marked A and referenced to at a part of this bill, the said Dabney before much progress had been made in the said administration departed this life, and the estate of said Wm Brown past into the hands of said Robertson the acting executor to an amount little short of $300.000- This large amount after a few specific legacies [illegible] a small amount was devised to James & Margaret Brown the father & mother of said Wm his sisters Isabella Black widow of Agnew Black Mary Brown and Robert Muir & Isaw his wife formerly Miss Brown in shares of one fourth part to each. --

Your orator & oratrix charge that James and Margaret Brown the grandfather and grandmother of your oratrix survived said Wm Brown and accepted the devise made to them-- That some years afterward they both died having first made a deed of settlement & in their will by the terms of which they devised to your oratrix (without knowing her name) as the daughter of their deceased son John Brown formerly of Lynchburg if she was then living and could be found five hundred pounds sterling to be paid to her in this county-- or a much larger sum on condition that she would remove to Scotland & there reside the balance of her life, dependant upon some conditions expressed in said will deed of settlement &