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copies whereof is herewith filed marked B. C, It will be seen by said Will &c that John Brown, a natural Son of said John Brown decd and the half brother of your oratrix and James Brown and Robert Gordon were nominated and appointed the executors of said James and Margaret Brown decd and regularly qualified as such in some of the Scotchich Courts. The Executor John Brown has since departed this life and the other Executors Continue to act upon such part of the estate as is in that Country — They further charge that a considerable portion of the said James & Margaret Browns estate yet remain in the hands of sd Archibald Robertson & Wm Black, Surviving Executors of said Wm Brown decd more than sufficient to pay the legacy as aforesaid with its interest — That Wm Barret of Richmond and Saml. Garland of Lynchburg have taken out letters of administration with the Will annexed of said James & Margaret, in the Hustings Court for the Corporation of Lynchburg, and are now proceeding to collect the [rest?] due of said James & Margaret remaining interest in their son Wms estate in this country — Your oratrix charges that she is the very person upon whom her grand father and mother intended to bistow their bounty — That from her run of liberation and being with out the means of getting to Scotland, to claim the larger legacy in the hands of strangers, they have long since been willing to accept the ₤500 - sterling in full discharge of their claims under said will deed of settlement &c But no person in this Country have felt themselves authorised to pay it, although the Executor Wm Brown as aforesaid and the administrators of James & Margaret Brown verily believe your orator and oratrix are justly entitled to the amount they prefer the decree of this Court for their justification — It will be seen that the children of Isabella Black and Muir & wife are the remaindermen under Wm Brown's Will, Mary Brown is a single woman between fifty and sixty years of age - Isabella Black has the following children Wm Agnew, Marion & Sarah, the said Sarah intermarried with Wm Bogin & has since departed this [life] The said Robert Muir & wife have the following children viz Wm, Margaret, Isabella, James, Mary, Jean, Sarah, Janet & Agnes who are their remaindermen and at their deaths entitled to their father and mothers legacies, and the children of both the each Isabella Black and Robert & Jean Muir, may have some interest direct or remote in the said James & Margaret Brown's estate — Your orator and oratrix being wholly remidless in the premises except in this Court, they therefore pray that sd Archibald Robertson, Wm Black, Wm Banet, Samuel Garland, Wm Muir, Robert Muir, Jean Muir, Isabella Muir, James Muir, Mary Muir, Jean Muir the younger, Sarah Muir, Janet Muir, Agness Muir - Isabella Black, Agnew Black, Wm Bogin who intermarried with Sarah Black decd Marion Black & Mary Brown, James Brown, Roberta Gordon & Robert Gordan the executors or administrators of John [illegible] Brown decd the executors of James & Margaret Brown decd May all be made parties defendants to this bill and answer the same upon oath in fair as they are concerned and finally may it please the Court to decree to your orator and oratrix the said sum of ₤500- stg. with interest from the death of the donors, to be paid out of the money in the hands of said Wm Brown's Executor and the admrs of James & Margaret Brown dc. in this Country, with all such other and further aid & relief as may be just and right and as in duty &c James Veach Judith Veach