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copies whereof is herewith filed marked B. C, It will be seen by said will &c that John Brown, a natural son of said John Brown decd and the half brother of your oratrix and James Brown and Robert Gordon were nominated and appointed the executors of said James and Margaret Brown decd and regularly qualified as such in some of the Scotchish courts The executor John Brown has since departed this life and the other executor continues to act upon such part of the estate as is in that country-- They further charge that a considerable portion of the said James & Margaret Browns estate remains in the hands of Archibald Robertson & Wm Black surviving executors of said Wm Brown decd more than sufficient to pay the legacy as aforesaid with its interest-- That Wm Black of Richmond and Sam Garland of Lynchburg have taken out letters of administration with the will annexed of said James & Margaret in the Hustings Court for the Corporation of Lynchburg and are now proceeding to collect the [rent?] due of said James & Margaret remaining interest in their son Wms estate in the county--