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is also an enumeration of causes for granting absolute divorces one of them being desertion for a period of 3 years. If we therefore were to allow a fair [illegible] to govern in this case & consider & allow to a [illegible] extent the laws of the state in which this contract was entered into if any such contract is a valid one, or of the state in which the defendant now resides and in which she has continued her default and absolute divorce would be granted. Certain it is that such would be granted within either of those states if their courts were exercising jurisdiction in the case & it were shown that there was a valid marriage. To summarize therefore we see that by the law of this state this marriage is a nullity from the decision in Kinney's case if it were not a decree of absolute divorce (or a Mensa et toro if the court should hold from any cause that the facts set out are not established could be granted & made absolute in about a year by the laws of Va & if we