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4th page marriage so called must be governed by the same law as if it were actually contracted within the bounds of this state which law makes the marriage absolutely null and void and empowers the courts to so decree for the peace of mind of the parties & to relieve their property of clouds so that same may be transferred without trouble as to title. Code Va 1887 SS2252, SS2253 & 2259. We present to your honor a decree of this character which has been drawn with much care and expresses all that is necessary and no more. We respectfully petition your honor to grant this petition which is in better form than such as have been heretofore submitted. This decree if granted will settle the matter satisfactorily as we confidently rely upon same and understand your Honor as favoring it, we will not consider other phases as same have been considered in a former paper. Very truly & respectfully, J. Sydney Smith - attorney