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2nd Page It has been conclusively shown that the man is colored and the woman white. It has been conclusively shown that the man was at the time of the marriage a domiciled citizen of Va and has never been domiciled elsewhere. There can be no doubt but that the matrimonial domicile of the woman was the same as that of the man and therefore was Va. (There are numerous decisions on the point - none adverse so far as we know 76 N.C. P242 & 251 being directly in point and settles the law in N. C. no decision on the point in this state). We respectfully ask that this marriage registry record as sent and certified by the registrar of Boston City to be considered in connection with this cause in which your Honor will see among other things that the said Lunsford is recorded as from Norfolk Va. As to the intention of the parties, we believe the evidence clearly shows what it was and the simple (over)