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3rd page simple fact that they were in Virginia again within two weeks after the marriage living together as husband and wife is enough to establish the intent if you disregard the depositions entirely but if they be considered the conclusion is in our humble belief irresistable that intent was to evade the laws of Va and return to this state to live therein as husband and wife. [Notation on right side of page: Kenneys Case 30 Grat 865 28 Gr P. 940]

Kinney's case reported in 30th Granthan 865-6 is in and belief conclusive in this case and the court in deciding that case practically decided this one as in every essential particular this is a similar case and the rules of evidence were necessarily more rigid in that case than they should be in others. We have no hesitancy in stating that in our belief and from our understanding of the law and decisions upon this case that the