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[Left side of the text box] Heard from Curtis today [.] 2/17/44 Receive [d] the letter today. I have the parts order for the car [.] I will get them O.K. I got some paint to paint the tires with. The car may need timing or bad point will cause it to loose power. When I get the parts i [I] will put it in the garage [.] Be sure to keep plenty AIR in the tires so the walls won't crack. It rain [ed] here today. h [H] eard from "L" [.] Rena [Reva?] is SICK. t [T] omorrow is pay day. Bob

[Address side of the text box] [Return address follows.] 523-30th St. Newport News--VA [Postal stamp text follows.] NEWPORT NEWS VA FEB 18 12 M [194?] 4 [Recipient's address follows.] Mrs. R. B. Harris [,] Lovingston VA. [,] Nelson County