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2/25/44 Receive the letter & card today I have the points. The points will cause it to have no power and the carburator is causing it to used gas. I will take it off & wash it and adjust it proper. I think the battery is OK. It may be out of time too. Don't buy any parts until I come home. I will see what worng [wrong]. Bobcat

523-30th ST Newport News, Va. [Postmark] NEWPORT NEWS VA FEB 28 12 M 1944 US Postage 1¢ Freedom of Speech and Religion, From want and fear Mrs. R. B. Harris Lovingston Va. Nelson County

C. T. Farm Comics - 10 Subjects Genuine Curteich-Chicago "C. T. Art - Colortone"Post Card (Reg U. S. Pat. Off.) Post Card