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The Newport News-James River Bridge. The longest bridge in the world over water-It is approximately five miles long. Opened November 17, 1928. [written underneath] 5/21/44 Dear Mrs.,

 A long boresome day all in gone away but me I just wrote [Curtis?] a card, told him "I am getting tired of this salty water think I will soon [illegible] for the pine patch dorget my sins and make new friends and [illegible] down [in?] the pine patch where the cool water [illegible] [face?] beneath that old green tree" Did Dad wear my white shirt [illegible]? 

[Salary?] [illegible] [printed around previous] THE HARRY P. CANN & BRO. CO., BALTIMORE, MD. GENUINE CURETEICH-CHICAGO "C.T. ART-COLORTONE" POST CAR (REG. U.S. PAT. OFF.) [written] 523-30467 Newport News Va [stamped] NEWPORT NEWS MAY 22 830 AM 1944 VA. [stamp] UNITED STATES POSTAGE GEORGE WASHINGTON 1789-197 1 CENT 1 [printed] POST CARD [written] Mrs. R. B. Harris Nelson County Lovingston Va.