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The thoroughbred Stallion FAIRDOUBLE ALIAS ADMIRAL NELSON. This thorough bred stallion lately purchased in Virginia by G. W. Rutledge and H. W. Elliot of Col. White & Co. will stand the present season one half of his time at Lee C. H, Va and the other half at the stable of Mr will render service at $10 the season payable against the first day December $7 the single leap and $15 to ensure a mare to be with foal parting with the mare before the fact is ascertained forfeits the insurance, 25 cents to the groom in every case. Beef cattle and live pork will be received in payment at market prices delivered at the stands; all care will be taken to prevent accidents and escapes, but the subscriber will not be liable for that any that may happen. The season has already commenced and will expire the first of July. Any gentleman who wiil become individually responsible for five mares shall have the sixth grarits. G. W. RUTLEDGE. H. W. ELLOITT- FROM the flattering encouragement I have received from a grateful public for my arduous exertions in the propagation of superior stock, I hav e spared no pains or expense in procuring the above celebrated horse, highly confident that he will not fall short of my most ardent anticipations. From my own personal observation, from the superiority of his progeny from the excellence of his own parts and his pure and perfect blood, I can with great propriety invite m y custmers and acquaintances, and the people of East Tennessee and Western Virginia to still favor me with their support. An opportunity is now offered to them to breed from a horse inferior in blood to none on the continent and at prices much lower than those of the services of any other horse of the same description. From the usual manner of handbill and newspaper puffing, this may appear to some a display of empty words. To such I will say, call and view the horse and my authenticated evidence of what I have started. March, 1835. DESCRIPTION: FAIRDOUBLE is a beautiful orange cream 16 years old, full 16 hands high: He is eminently superior in all those parts contributary to strength and action his shoulders the most material part of the horse are strikingly distinguished, being very deep fairly mounting to the top of the weathers and obliquely inclined to the hips his girths are full his back short and strong, thighs and arms muscular, his bone rarely equalled taking him upon the whole he has more strength and substance than we often see combined in the full bred horse. As to his performance on the track, they are of the first order, having won nice races against the best horses of Virginia, Maryland, and N. Carolina, seven of which he won, and is now the fleetest horse in the world of his age, for any reasonable sum, six hundred years. PEDIGREE. FAFIRDOUBLE alias ADMIRAL NELSON was sired by the celebrated imported horse Chance, his dam by Select, full sister to capt. William Moody's invincible quarter Janus horse Fairdouble, his grandam by old Selection, and he by Jolly Friar, sire of the imported horse Scoredouble, Jolly Friar by imported Janus, his g g grandam by old Spadille he by imported Janus, who was sired by Janus of England, and he by Godolphin Arabian, out of the Little Hartley mare, best in England in her day. Hence it will be seen that Fairdouble hasmore Janus blood than any horse living at this time. Fairouble was bred by the late Wm. E. Moody & Co.of Brunswick county, Va. a gentleman remarkably successful in raising fine horses and particularly attentive to the purity of their stock and an examination of his pedigree which can be perfectly authenticated by certificates of gentleman of the highest respectability will bear me out in the assertion that in purity and excellence of blood he is surpassed by no horse and equalled by very few. Certificate. WE, the underdesigned do certify we have know the cream collered horse Fairdouble alias Admiral Nelson, lately purchased by G. W. Rutledge and H.W. [illegible, but most likely "Eliot"] now in Tennessee; we do certify we have known him from a colt, and he has stood in this and the ajacent counties all his seasons except two. [illegible, but most likely "His"] colts are generally large and fine and are commanding higher prices than any horses colts in this country, for saddle and carriage horses, a great number of them are [illegible, but most likely "very"] fleet race horses for one quarter of a mile or six hundred yards to wit. Sir Alfred we think the fastest horse that has been raised in Virginia for thirty years. We also certify that the above pedigree and performance is correct from our own personal knowledge, and as a sure foalgetter we do not think that any horse surpasses him. Given under our hands, Brunswick county, Va. Feb, 2nd. 1834.. [Win R. Johnson , John L, White, O.P. Hare, Win. Jones, Burrel' Starks, Win. E. Moody, Rebert Williams, John Harrison, J.J. Harrison Jeremiah Farmer