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Published by Chs Mangus 12 Frankfort St. NY Richmond


AIR: Year of Jubolo. J. SCOTT.

O, don't you see the camp girls running, With their baskets in their hands? They are going to camp, to cheat or swindle Some poor soldier man. When Colonel Wagner sees them coming, With a mournful smile he stands; For well he knows their object is nothing, But to rob some soldier man.


Soldiers laugh, ha! ha! The girls they laugh hey! hey! What will they do when the snow is falling, And when the camp is gone away.

Some soldiers there are from Kentucky, And think they are dreadful fast, They are sworn to have the best of living, As long as the bounty lasts. They will pay five dollars for a porgie fish, Some biscuits, eggs and ham, And the girls are sworn to never carry change, For the foolish contrabands.

CHORUS.- Soldiers laugh, ha! ha!

Some go that's married, some that's single, With a basket for a sham, They swear by faith that they never had a lover, Till they saw some soldier man. Sometimes they marry for to get his bounty, Or to do the best they can, With his watch and money they skedaddle, And laugh at the soldier man CHORUS: Soldiers laugh, ha! ha!

If you should come home sick or wounded, You will meet them on the street, All dressed to death in the highest of fashion, Looking very neat. If they find out you have got no money, They have no time to stand, They tell you quick you have no bounty, You are a wounded soldier man.

CHORUS - Soldiers laugh, ha! ha!

Ten illustrated Songs on Notepaper, mailed to any Address on receipt of 50 cts. Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.