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REPUBLICAN CONVENTION Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., Va. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 1924. TO THE VOTERS OF SHENANDOAH COUNTY, VIRGINIA: Acting under the pursuance of the direction of the Republican County Committee for Shenandoah County, you are hereby called to meet at your respective precincts, Saturday, January 26, at 2 o'clock, P. M. For the purpose of electing delegates and alternates to repre-sent you in a County Convention to be held at Woodstock, Va. Wednesday, January the 30th, 1924, at 1 o'clock, p. m. For the purpose of electing 27 delegates and 27 alternates to the Republican Convention of the Seventh Congressional District of Virginia, to be held at Luray, Va., Thursday, March th 1924, at 1 o'clock, o. m., and to the State Convention, to be held at Roanoke, Va., Tuesday, February 5, and for the purpose of reorganization the party as provided for by the party plan of organization. Each precinct will be entitled to one vote to each 20 votes cast for Warren G. Harding in 1920, or major fraction thereof.

ON THIS BASIS THE PRECINCTS AE ENTITLED TO THE FOLLOWING REPRESENTATIONS: PRECINCTS DEL. ALT. New Market, 7 7 Quicksburg, 6 6 Forestville, 5 5 Getz, 2 2 Jno. D. Miller's 1 1 Mt. Jackson, 10 10 Hudson's X-Roads, 4 4 Cabin Hill, 5 5

PRECINCTS DEL. ALT. Hamburg, 3 3 Cleveland, 1 1 Jerome, 1 1 Edinburg, 17 17 Lantz's Mills, 7 7 Columbia Furnace, 9 9 Liberty Furnace, 2 2

PRECINCTS DEL. ALT. Town Hall, 7 7 Tom's Brook, 2 2 Dry Run S. H., 3 3 Pine Hill S. H., 2 2 Court House, 11 11 St. Luke, 4 4 Saumsville, 4 4

PRECINCTS DEL. ALT. Borden, 4 4 Central S. H., 1 1 Strasburg, 10 10 Mt. Olive, 3 3 Lebanon Church, 3 3 Oranda, 1 1 Fisher's Hill, 4 4

All voters, men and women, who will support the nominees of the Republican party in the election of 1924 will be entitled to participate therein. The Ladies have the same political rights as men, and they are especially invited and urged to attend and participate in this pri-mary and convention, after primary meeting. The credentials of the delegates should be signed by the permanent Chairman and Secretary of the meeting, and countersigned by the precinct Chair-man and forwarded at once to the undersigned Chairman at Mt. Jackson, Va. Given under our hands this 14th day of Jan., 1924. J. W. GARBER, County Chairman. J. H. HOCKMAN, Secretary.