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For Sergeant
For Sergeant
Char Camm

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Election, May 26th, 1881. For Mayor, JOHN A. HENLEY. Councilmen,

1. R. F. Cole, 2. R. M. Garrett, 3. John W. Mercer, 4. P. T. Powell, 5. Sydney Smith, 6. Edloe Washington, 7. C. C. Hansford, 8. C. W. Colman, 9. Sam'l Smith, 10. John Ashby, 11. John Cary, 12. D. R. Jones.

For Commis'r of the Revenue, SAMUEL HARRIS.

For Clerk of the Courts of James City and the city of Williamsburg,

For Commonwealth's Attorney for James City and the city of Williamsburg,

For Sergeant Char Camm