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Regular Democratic Ticket. Election, Tuesday, Nov. 6th 1888. For President, Grover Cleveland. of New York. For Vice President, Allen G. Thurman. of Ohio. Electors at Large, Richard F. Beirne, of Hanover. John T. Harris, of Rockingham. District Electors. 1st T.R.B. Wright, of Essex. 2nd D. Gardiner Tyler, of Charles City. 3rd Tazewell Ellett, of Richmond City. 4th W.R. McKenney, of Petersburgh. 5th H.G. Peters, of Henry. 6th W.W. Berry, of Bedford. 7th Micajah Woods, of Albemarle. 8th E.E. Meredith, of Prince William. 9th J.W. Marshall, of Craig. 10th R.B. Poore, of Appomattox. For Congress 2nd District R.C. Marshall, of Portsmouth.