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Union Ticket. Central Township, Essex County, VA. For Supervisor, Henry Gresham "Township Clerk, Thomas A. Dobyns. "Assessor, Hugh G. Billups. "Collector, S. P. Latane. "Commissioner Roads, William Monroe. "Overseer of the Poor, Joseph Mann. "Justices of the Peace, Dr. Benjamin Wright, for 3 years. Wm. Hill, for 2 years, H. W. Latane, for 1 year. "Constables, Spencer Pursar, for 3 years, Richard McDonald, for 2 years, Edward W. Leavell, for one year. "School Trustees, P. A. Sandy, for 3 years, Aaron Commadore, for 2 years, Lorenzo Dow, for 1 year. "Overseers of Roads Robert Samuel, for 3 years, Thomas Nelson, for 2 years, Wm. H. Brockenbrough, 1 year.