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Wyrick Mineral Spring Water Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. A Natural Mineral Spring Water of High Purity In The Heart of the Blue Ridge Certified Analysis by the Institute of Industrial Research, Washington, D. C. APPEARENCE, CLEAR SEDIMENT, NONE ODOR, NONE TASTE, GOOD Ions Parts per Million Calcium as CaO ... 33.6 Magnesium as MgO ... 90 Sulphates ... 3.2 Potash. K2O ... } 35 Soda. Na2O ... } Lithium Li2O ... Trace Chlorides ... 1.1 Silica ... 8.4 Iron and Alumina ... 4.2 Carbonic Acid ... 91.2 Total Mineral Contents ... 185.7 Combined as Calcium Bicarbonate ... 97.2 Magnesium Bicarbonate ... 32.7 Potassium Sulphate ... 6.0 Alkali Bicarbonate ... 35.4 Lithium Chloride ... Trace Sodium Chloride ... 1.8 Iron and Alumina ... 4.2 Silica ... 8.4 Free Ammonia .0033 Nitrates None Colon Bacteria, None Albuminoid Ammonia .011 Nitrates .09 The water is a typical natural spring water of an exceptionally high degree of purity and from a knowledge of the character of other well known table and potable waters, it can be justly stated that it is one of the purest natural spring waters found in America. Respectfully submitted, HENRY C. FULLER. Director. Before me this day appeared Henry C. Fuller, Director of the Institute of Industrial Research of Washington, D. C., to me known, and acknowledged the above certificate of this act with deed. Washington, D. C., June 14, 1923. MARIE ROWLAND, Notary Public. PRICES OF THE CONSUMER F.O.B. SPRING: Five Gallon Carboy ... $3.50 (Rebate of $2 upon receipt of carboy and crate in good condition) Case of 12 one-half gallon containers ... $4.50 (Rebate of $1.00 upon receipt of carboy and containers in good condition) 55 Gallon Galvanized Steel Barrel, thoroughly sterilized ... $13.50 Rebate of $8.00 upon receipt of barrel in good condition) WYRICK MINERAL SPRING WATER possesses marvelous medicinal properties. De-sired results absolutely guaranteed or money refunded when used exclusively, frequently, regularly and in large quantities, for diseases of the skin, eczema, disorders of the stomach and liver, uterine, kidney and bladder troubles, rheumatism, diabetes, and gout. Free Health Book with analysis and testimonials gladly sent upon request. Bottled By Wyrick Mineral Spring Co. Crockett Wythe County, VA.