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Virginia's Foremost Prohibition Leaders Say Dry Cause Is Safe in Pollard's Hands "Prohibition is safe in the hands of JOHN GAR AND POLLARD," says DR. R. H. PITT, editor of the RELIGIOUS HERALD, Baptist minister and former president of the ANTI-SALOON LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA REV. DAVID HEPBURN, superintendent of the ANTI-SALOON LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA, an or- ganization that never supported a wet cause, has announced that the League is neutral in this State campaign. GEORGE N. CONRAD, former head of the ANTI- SMITH Democrats of Virginia, is supporting the Pol- lard and the State Democratic ticket. Judge T. N. HASS, of Harrisonburg; Senator W. L. ANDREWS, of Roanoke; Senator C. Hard- ING WALKER, of Heathsville, all outstanding prohibitionists and leaders of the movement to defeat Governor Smith last year, are supporting JOHN GARLAND POLLARD. DR. S. C. HATCHER, of Randolph Macon Col- lege, prominent Methodist educator and prohibi- tion leader is supporting JOHN GARLAND POL- LARD. Dr. S. C. Hatcher Endorses Pollard In State Gubernatorial Campaign DR. S. C. HATCHER, prominent Methodist edu- cator, of Randolph Macon college, and one of the leading prohibitionists in Virginia, has highly en- dorsed the candidacy of JOHN GARLAND POL- LARD, Democratic nominee for governor, in an interview published in Richmond. Dr. Hatcher was one of the strongest influences against the Democratic national ticket in Virginia last year. "I have known DR. JOHN GARLAND POLLARD for many years," Dr. Hatcher said, "and I know him to be a statesman of high ideals and broad culture. His past record is an assurance that the issue of prohibition will be safe in his hands for he has always stood for and worked for temper- ance measures. "All the prohibition measures which we have in Virginia have been promulgated and enacted by Democratic administrations, and Democratic ad- ministration has given us enforcement which com- pares favorably with any State in the union "DR. POLLARD'S wide experience and the ability mark him as the man most capable at this time of carrying out the progressive programs inaugurated in Virginia. Therefore, as a citizen of this State, and feeling it my duty to co-operate in every worthy endeavor for good government, I shall vote for him in the November election." WOULD THESE MEN SUPPORT AN ENEMY OF PROHIBITION? -NO!-