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Subjects REVIVAL SERMONS BY REV. J. W. DIXON Batesvslle Methodist Church Batesville, Virginia Sun. June 12, 1932 11:00 A. M Is the young man Absalom safe? 11 SAMUEL 18:29 Sunday evening 8:00 P. M. The Prodigal son. LUKE 15: 11-24 Mon. June 13, 8:00 P. M What shall I do then with Jesus? MATTHEW 27:22 Tues. June 14, 8:00 P. M. How shall we escape, if we neg- left so great salvation? HEBREWS 2:3 You are Cordially invited to come and hear these sermons I WAS GLAD WHEN THEY SAID "LET'S GO INTO THE HOSE OF THE LORD."