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Biography - Glenn, John Herschel, JR. 1921-

The SPACE FLIGHT OF Lieutenant Colonel John H. Glenn, Jr. by Robert J. Murrin A U.S. Marine - Colonel John H. Glenn Was the one selected from American men, To make our first orbit around the earth And prove to the world our technical worth.

Three years of preparing - cancellations, ten, Preceded the flight of this man of great men. (7 Astronauts) There was Shepard down range, then Grissom, too, Prior to this space shot for the Red, White and Blue.

The "Countdown" was thorough with "Hold" after "Hold" As he sat in the capsule so brave and so bold. Then came the final from ten down through one And America's space age had really begun.

In the interest of peace it was open and free So that nations could witness and all could see. Throughout the free world there were prayers sent to heaven For the safety of this astronaut as he rode "Freedom 7".