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A Serious Call to the Corporation of London, to addrefs his M-y to remove from his Councils and Perfon forever Weak, and Wicked M-s, etc. Humbly addrefs'd to the Right Ho-nourable the Lord Mayor, Common Council and Liverymen of the faid City. My Lord and Gentlemen, If ever there was a moment in the Hiftory of England, which demands your whole attention, it is the prefent. You fee your Money rais'd with the greateft Wantonnefs Squander'd with the moft Profigate and profufion in Pen-fions on thofe whole Daily defign is to undo you in Defence of G- Dominions and in Mercenary Troops hir'd to your difgrace and probably brought hither for your undoing, whilft Arms are with-held from your Hands for your Kings and your defence. You fee your Fleets and Armies rendered ufelefs by the ignorance or iniquity of thofe who direct them. You fee Minorca,, that Ifland fo effential to your Fleet and Commerce neg-lected or betray'd into the hands of France. You fee America, the great fountain of your wealth, in the ut-moft danger of being overrun by the Arms of the French King. You fee yourfelves deferted by the Old and Able Kingdom, become the Scoff of all the Nations upon Earth. The Hour is at Hand which muft decide your being any longer a People. Your Wives and Children your Liberties and Properties, your King and Religion cry aloud for relief from the detroying bands of the M-s. Awake then, roufe yourfelves, remonfrate to your Sovereign with Dutym yet firmnfefs; with Allegiance, yet freedom; lay before him the deplorable Condition into which he and you are brought by the conduct of his M-s. Implore him to bring legal examination all who may have conduced, or confpired, to cover this Land with infamy and mifery, without diftinction of perfons or degrees; that the Stains upon the Honour of the Kingdom, the difgraces that raifes indignation in the Breaft of every true Briton, may in fome measure be done away by doing right to the Valour and Conduct of thofe who have done well, and by perpetuating, through exemplary punishment, the infamy of the Timerous and Treacherous, and of thofe who in any Manner, have tranfgrefs'd the Rules and broken the difcipline of War, or have neglected or betrayed the Honour and the intereft of their King and Country. Be not cajoled by the fair Speeches or the affected prudence and tendernefsm of him whom the D- of N- has already thanked, in e Letter for for long deferring the day of Meeting to addrefs his M-y. Be not de-luded by the falfe Idea of Patriotism in him whofemovements are fecretly actuated by M-fprings, and who urges thofe moft fallacious of all arguments the advanc'd lie of our most Gracious Sovereign and the critical fittus-tation of Public affairs, why you ought not to addrefs his M-y for an examination of his M-ys leaft of all be thrown into confufion, and ye perifh as a Nation; when every Man of the leaft difcernment muft fee that "our Sovereigns fetting Sun muft go down in the Tears of Sorrow." and the whole Nation be inevitably and irre-trevably ruined, if their is not a fpeedy Change of Men and Meafures in the A-. Be not feduced to make B-g the object of your complaint, or his fate the fcreen of others, who are the fource of your cala-mities. Keep before your Eyes your prefent deplorable state and liften not to the fpecious Speeches of the De-ceiver. Otherwife how fhall that Honourable Body of Men, to whom the care of your liberties is intrufted, support the Dignity of the City and themfelves? Howfhall your Merchants fuftain the refpect which they have obtained all over the world, when their commerce is no more? And how will ye benefit Artizans, whofe in-duftrious Hands create the genuine forces of all of Wealth, when the ule of thofe very faculties, which God has given you are rendered ineffectual by the ruinous contrivances and Mal-adminiftration of the M-s. Behond the afking Eye of that Parent who depends on you for fubfiftance. How will you bear the Cries of your Children for daily Bread, when Trade banifhed from this Kingdom by M- inquiry, fhall carry with it all force of fuftenance for them and you? Will thofe, who are left at eafe untill they have undone you, then be in your power to remove; Or will they listen to the miferies of thofe whom they have unrelentingly brought to ruin? Will you then defer the hour of remonfrating till there is nothing remains for you to loofe, thro' a falle tenderneis in difturbing the Tranquility of thofe who are working your ruin! Caft your Eyes on the Swedes, what glorious and inimitable examples they have given in executing Juftice on nefarious Men, who attempted to deftroy their Liberties. In compaffion to your Sovereign in Compaffion to him who is to reign after him; in tendernefs to yourfelves and progeny; in pity to your native Land; in Honour to your Anceftors, who by their blood have delivered down this conftitution on you; in Juftice to Pofterity, who have an unalienable claim of it from your hanbds, If you have not loft all feelings of humanity, lay the prefent profpect of increafing ruin before your King, in-treat him to know and tell you by what means That Treafure, which has almost exhaufted the Nations, has been ufelefsly applyed? Why you are denied the ufe of Arms for his and your defence? Why our Fleets and Ar-mies have been ill directed and mifappointed? And why those M-s are ftill permitted to proceed to the ru-in of his Glory and your Honour and interefts? Let this be done before the days of eternal mourning are fo far advanced that no Power can prevent the enormous Evil. A D V E R T I S E M E N T. Wheras it is certainly known that three hund. t-d pounds was remitted to the French Embaffador three Weeks before he left this Kingdom, this is to afure the publick that whofever can give an Authentic ac-count to what purchafe that money was applyed, and what Man, Wife, or Chold it was recieved by fhall have ten per Cent. reward of all thofe Sums he or fhe can prove the receipt of.