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CIRCULAR. To the Democratic Voters of Fayette, Clay, Effingham, and that part of Richland belonging to this Senatorial district. FELLOW-CITIZENS: The Democrats of Clay county have, by a nearly unan- imous vote, selected me as their candidate to be run at the next August election, to represent this Senatorial district in the next General Assembly. In accordance with their wishes, I now present my name to the public. I cannot, in the haste of this an- nouncement, argue the great political questions that now divide the Whig and Democratic parties; but will say, in brief, that I am opposed to a National Bank, Protec- tive Tariff, and a Distribution of the proceeds of the pub- lic lands, I am now and ever have been a Democrat, and ever expect to be. I shall remain candidate until it shall appear to me, by evidence not to be mistaken, that I am not the choice of the Democratic party of the three counties. Very respectfully, Your obedient servant, F. FORMAN. Vandalia, July 24, 1844 P. S. I will attend at the following places at the times mentioned, for the purpose of addressing the voters of the district: At Ewington, on Saturday, the 27th of July. Brockett's Mill, on Tuesday, the 31st. Louisville, at 12 o'clock, on Wednesday, and at Maysville, at 4 o'clock on the same day. Zenia, Clay county, on Thursday. Vandalia, on Saturday.