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 Notwithstanding its high sounding professions the United Nations soon passed under the control of International Finance and Commerce. just as did the Congress of Vienna and the League of Nations. With the veto power conferred upon the Kremlin, the avowed enemy of the Free States, it could not enforce peace upon the Communists and merely undertook to establish a modus vivendi with them that would permit the Free States to trade with them. Inasmuch as the Secretary of Defense has declared he knew the rulers of Red China were agents of Moscow when he undertook as Truman's ambassador to induce Kia Shek to take them into his government, it is  useless to argue that our Foreign Policy was directed to the halting of Communism in Asia. The same is true with respect to Europe. Thus our Export-Import Bank has been employed to finance the commerce that has provided Russia and her Satellites either directly or indirectly with their economic needs and make possible the Cold War. 
 In truth it has not been the atomic bomb that has deterred a shooting war. Countless well-informed Russian born American citizens have pointed our that the Kremlin dares not call on the Russian masses to support an aggressive war lest their army revolt as 500,000 Russian troops did in 1941 when only the stupidity of Hitler saved the Kremlin from an internal revolution and enabled Stalin to purge the Russian army while reequipping it with American aid. Only the continuing aid to the U.S.S.R. and the Satellites has enabled the Kremlin to postpone the revolution that would free the Russian masses should the United States demand of its allies the embargo of trade with the Communist States, as Churchill has done in England while we are hyprocritically financing that trade. 
  Undoubtedly the advisers of the Administration know this, else the Civil Defense for which Congress made provision last December would not have been neglected. For although the Administration makes a scare head out of the alleged imminence of an atomic attack, the ordinary man knows today no more about what he should do in event of one than he did years ago. 
  Om the other hand, had the Kremlin dared resort to hostilities it would have allowed the Atlantic Pact to be implemented, or permitted Gen. Eisenhower to operate with American reenforcements in Europe. Fearing revolution above al else it has chosen the wise course of allowing the trade upon which its security depends while exhausting the intended victims with the Cold War. 
   Whatever the thoughtful man may thing of the relative wisdom of the proposals of Gen. MacArthur, Wedemeyer, O'Donnell, and the appealing disclosures of Mr. Johnson and Gen. Hurley, it is evident that the country has been without sound military guidance; that Secretary Acheson has dictated our military policy. Well might one old fighting soldier speak of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as trained seals without regard to their moral obligation as soldiers to safeguard the