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This Deed made this 11th day of December 1865 between Polly Davis, Jack Pleasants, [illegible} Mason, Sally Mason, his wife formerly Sally Davis, Martha Ann [Grismen?] formerly Davis, Milly Tates formerly Davis, William Davis & Mary Davis only children of Kitty Davis, dec. (and the above named parties being the only heirs at law and Distribute of William Davis, dec. F.N.) of the one part and William A. Clement of the other part all of the City of Lynchburg. This Deed witnessed that for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred and eighty two 50/100 dollars in hand paid by the said Clement to the said Heirs of Wm. Davis, dec. They the said Polly Davis, Jack Pleasants, Jesse Mason & sally Mason his wife formerly Davis, Martha Ann [Grismen?], Milly Tates, William Davis & Mary Davis do sell and convey to the said Wm. A. Clement with general warranty of title the following property to wit: The House & Lot of which the said Wm. Davis, Sr. died seized & possessed lying on Franklin Hill in the suburb of the City of Lynchburg, supposed to contain about one fourth of an acre be the same more or less. It being a part of the Lot purchased by the said Davis of [illegible] but by deed duly recorded in the Clerks office of the Hustings Court Deed Book H, Page 74 and conveyed to the said Gordon by Alex. E. Taylor the 10th Sept. 1852 and conveyed to the said Taylor by Thomas Dillard, the deeds recorded in the same office a portion of the Lot purchased by said Davis in his lifetime of the said Gordon he sold to Scott as will appear by the deed duly recorded in the same office the remaining part (next to Cahills line) the said Davis held and owned as a home at the time of his death is the part herein intended to be conveyed to the said Clement witness the following signatures

Polly her mark Davis [seal] Jack his mark Pleasants [seal] ack. by her husband Sally her mark Mason [seal] Martha Ann her mark [Grismen?] [seal] Milly her mark Tates [seal] Mary his mark Davis [seal] William his mark Davis [seal] Jessee his mark Mason [seal]