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immediate employment between thirty and forty days, the said plaintiff proposed to said Thomas Clasby, that he would give him the price for said negro which had been fixed on by him, to wit $700, $50 in cash, and the balance at the time stipulated in the plaintiff's bond to said Clasby, and the contract closed. These respondents do not know, what representations were made by said Thomas Clasby to said pltff, at the time of said contract, if any, in relation to said negro's health or soundness, nor do they believe, from the best information they have received that any such were made, or that any warranty was required by said pltff, at the timeof said contract, these respondents have been informed and believe it to be true that the said Clasby, informed the pltff before, and at the time of the contract, of the cause why he sold said negro. These respondents, from all the information in their possession do not believe that said negro was in any wise diseased or unsound, at the time he was sold to the pltff. These Respondents are informed and